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TAB Trot Sweepstake launched

Waikato Bay of Plenty Harness Inc. are once again giving punters a chance to win big on Night of Champions with the $100,000 TAB Trot Sweepstake. 

Following the success of last year’s sweepstake the concept is being repeated this time focusing on the TAB Trot. 

Two thousand tickets are up for grabs at $100 a piece with eight winners to be drawn live on TAB Trackside television during the Flying Mile race meeting at Cambridge Raceway on April 4, 2024. 

Each winner will be drawn a corresponding runner in the world’s first slot race for trotters, the TAB Trot, which takes place on the Night of Champions on April 14. 

Those drawn a horse are guaranteed winners with $50,000 cash going to the person lucky enough to draw the winning horse, $20,000 for second, $12,000 for third, $6,000 for fourth and $3,000 for the remaining runners. 

“The sweepstake was a great success last year so we’re doing it again this year,” Cambridge Raceway CEO Dave Branch said. “Last year’s winners only purchased a ticket on a whim as they were staying at the Raceway in their motorhome and they hadn’t even heard of Copy That before the big race.

“It’s a great way to involve even more people in the fun of the evening as they get to experience the thrill of racing a horse on some level and take home a significant cash prize.”

Branch said that the ticketing system had been improved this year by moving to an online platform. 

“We’re using a new fully online system which will even allow people to select their own ticket number so if you’re superstitious you can lean into that aspect of the draw,” he said.

Funds raised via the sweepstake will be used to help fund of the $575,000 TAB Trot which is set to be one of the most exciting trotting races in New Zealand’s history. 

“We couldn’t have wished for a better outcome,” Branch said. “We already have Aussie raiders Queen Elida, Just Believe, Callmethebreeze and Arcee Phoenix locked into slots and they’re going to be meeting New Zealand’s best trotter Oscar Bonavena and Muscle Mountain for the first time and we still have two more runners to be announced.”

Tickets for the TAB Trot Sweepstake are now available online at


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