Win a share of $100,000! Check out the TAB Trot Sweepstake here.


Be in to win a share of the $100,000 prize pool & enjoy the thrill of racing with The TAB Trot Sweepstake.

Tickets are no longer available. 

Our eight winners will be drawn live on TAB Trackside during the Flying Miles race meeting on April 4, 2024. Each drawn winner will then be allocated a horse in 2024 The TAB Trot to be run on the Night of Champions April 12, this secondary draw will happen at the Night of Champions Barrier Reveal on Monday April 8. Results will be broadcast on Trackside and published on this page and Cambridge Raceway social media channels. The horses confirmed placing in the race will determine the individual prize values as per the below. 

You do NOT have to be on course to be eligible to win, all prize money is in NZD and can be paid electronically.  


180 Nick Coxon, Arcee Phoenix
190 Charlie Hunter, Midnight Dash
778 Bryce Parker, Mystic Max 
1580 Glen Donavan, Queen Elida
1653 Matt Cross, Just Believe
1654 Jack Winwood, Callmethebreeze
1778 Costa Ellis, Oscar Bonavena 
1935 Claire Brodie, Muscle Mountain

1st prize

$50,000 cash

2nd prize

$20,000 cash

3rd prize


4th prize


5th - 8th 


Draw Details: 
To raise money for the 2024 running of The TAB Trot
A maximum of 2000 tickets to be sold. Lottery will run between March 1 2024 and March 31 2024. 
Winning tickets will be drawn under police supervision at Cambridge Raceway on Thursday 4th April 2024. Winning ticket holders will be publicly notified on the Cambridge Raceway website and social media on the day of the draw and in the NZ Herald within 7 days of the draw. 

Prize Allocation:
Eight winning tickets will be drawn and each will be randomly allocated to one horse participating in the 2024 running of The TAB Trot. The prize pool will be split corresponding to the finishing position of each allocated horse as outlined above. In the event of a dead heat, the two respective prizes will combine and be split evenly between the two winners. In the event of a horse scratching or failing to complete the race the allocated winning ticket holder will receive the equivalent prize money as if the horse was to finish in 8th place. Prizes will be paid out on the official results as confirmed by the Racing Integrity Board. 

In the event of cancellation, this will be notified in the NZ Herald on Saturday April 6. 

Licence issued by Department of Internal Affairs under Section 37 of Gambling Act 2003 Licence No. LT090000503.

All prizes paid in New Zealand dollars.

Organiser Dave Branch, CEO Cambridge Raceway, 1 Taylor St, Cambridge. 


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